Berlin homosexual intercourse events. Chicago Tribune’s “Was the small Gold celebrity Sardine Bar Chicago’s best nightclub ever?

Berlin homosexual intercourse events. Chicago Tribune’s “Was the small Gold celebrity Sardine Bar Chicago’s best nightclub ever?


The men interviewed skilled multiple lovers and had an easy repertoire that is sexual abroad as well as house. Nonetheless, the behavior ended up being amplified in Berlin. The guys failed to change their safer intercourse training based on when they had sex in Sweden or Berlin. The mobility that is high vulnerability for HIV/sexually sent disease (STI) among these males highlights the requirement of increased usage of antiretroviral therapy, pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and low-threshold HIV/STI testing solutions in European countries.

Talents and limits with this research

The style included interviews complemented with participatory observations in groups and intercourse groups in Berlin.

The interviewer balanced between emic and etic approaches to be able to gain trust through the individuals as well as the exact same time gain deep knowledge of the tradition described into the interviews.

A limitation is the fact that combined set of Swedish men that have intercourse with males going to Berlin had not been in contrast to Berlin site site visitors off their nations or Swedes whom travelled with other locations.


Gay males as well as other males that have intercourse with guys (MSM) carry a disproportional burden of HIV illness in European countries. 1 every year within the duration 2010–2014, an average of five Swedish MSM contracted HIV while visiting Germany as well as in 2017, on typical one Swedish MSM per week reported having contracted gonorrhoea in Germany (supply: Public wellness Agency of Sweden, Sminet database). The HIV prevalence in Germany and Sweden differs, while not drastically. It’s calculated at 5.0per cent–7.5% in MSM and below 0.2% one of the adult that is total in Germany 2 in comparison with 3percent–6% in MSM and 0.07% within the total adult populace in Sweden. 3 The Joint un Programme on HIV/AIDS information claim that Germany includes a high concentration of MSM in larger towns. This may be as a result of MSM-oriented conference places, such as for example saunas and groups, which offer high variety of intimate lovers. 2 Some nudelive cams MSM in Berlin describe the town while the ‘HIV capital of Europe’. The participants estimated that between 20% and 90% of all MSM living in Berlin were HIV positive in one study. 4 Despite such information, there aren’t any state-sponsored programmes for circulation of condoms. Other free condom circulation tasks occur but there is however nevertheless insufficient accessibility to condoms making them hard to access at intercourse venues. 4 The intimate wellness requirements associated with homosexual community is mainly catered for by non-governmental organisations. 5

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV is a noteworthy device for avoidance of HIV. 6 7 during the time of the info collection, PrEP had been authorized when you look at the eu but no programmes taken care of immediately the PrEP needs of MSM in Sweden 8 or Germany. 9

Studies on Swedish MSM’s sexual health have been carried out on a typical foundation for the previous ten years but intimate practice while travelling has just been explored at length when you look at the latest Swedish nationwide study (data collected 2013). 10 Barebacking (defined in those studies as pre-agreed, condomless intercourse that is anal was more widespread in Sweden in contrast to abroad (31% compared to 17%) but team intercourse had been practised more regularly abroad compared to Sweden. 10 the absolute most typical nations to have experienced intercourse while travelling abroad were Germany.

Travelling is definitely an essential component of several homosexual men’s life style and increased globalisation and airline that is cheap facilitate that life style. 11 on the decade that is last several efforts are made to examine intercourse and travel among MSM with contradictory results. A number of the identified studies derive from studies. Current studies on travelling MSM address subjects such as for instance examining danger pages, 12 13 prevalence of condomless anal sex as well as other high-risk intimate methods, 14–18 HIV knowledge and HIV preventive needs 19 20 and intimate identification. 21 22 Several studies offer knowledge on danger behavior, and medication usage while away. 23–25 Zablotska et al 15 point out that ‘little is famous concerning the travel-associated dangerous practices that are sexual community-based examples of homosexual males, nor associated with factors that shape these practices’. There clearly was a necessity for further studies describing the objective of travel for MSM and ‘context-related faculties ‘that lead MSM to be intimately active while being abroad, 14 maybe perhaps not least to develop interventions that target this team.