Instagram poker chips

Keeping Your Instagram Poker Chips Safe From Hackers And Phishers

With the rising popularity of Instagram, Texas Holdem poker games for social networks like Instagram, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Tagged and Hi5 also came the unfortunate concomitant surge of reports from players accounts in broken and their Instagram poker chips stolen.

Instagram poker chips

The forums on these social networking gaming websites are littered with hundreds, if not thousands, of such reports. As Instagram poker chips become more valuable, these reports will continue to rise. There are, however, some steps you can take to avoid these hackers and phishers getting their hard-earned poker chips in their hands.

Never give out your password: That sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people lose their chips because they’ve passed their passwords to a friend, family member, or friend. Are you 100% sure that in the future you will never get into a dispute with this person and that you will not log in to your account and empty every last Instagram poker chip?

Or maybe someday they will ask you for some free chips as a loan, and you drop them off, and so they decide that they will log into your account and help themselves.

Make it a habit to never share your credentials with others. If something happens and your account is hacked, you do not need to prevent any of your friends or family from doing so and causing any hard feelings.

Do not fall for the phishing scams: A popular way to steal players’ Instagram poker chips was to send them a seemingly official message in their Instagram inboxes claiming to be Instagram security or ” This “fake” message usually accuses the player of violating the terms of the game or Instagram ‘s own rules and then instruct them to click on a link and log in to their accounts Deletion or blocking.

In fact, these links open web pages that look like the login pages of Instagram or MySpace, to get users to enter their email and passwords. While these site diverts or occupies them, hackers are caught up with signing into their Texas Holdem poker account and exchanging their Instagram poker chips to different records.

Official representatives for these games or social networks will never contact you through your inbox. These messages should be deleted and reported to the appropriate people for immediate shutdown.You have not won a lottery or special promotion for chips.

Another method by which hackers steal your poker chips is the old “lottery” method, in which you claim to have won one million Instagram poker chips or another special gift you must log in to the link you provide. Just like the previously mentioned Instagram phishing scams, these websites only steal your passwords and credentials. There is no lottery.

Do not download Instagram poker cheat programs or coaches: Many of these so-called cheats for Instagram poker are nothing more than Trojan virus programs with embedded keyloggers. The hackers display them on sites like YouTube or promote them on Instagram ‘s forums, promising to double or triple your Instagram poker chips in minutes.

But as soon as you download and run the program and log in to your account, a copy of your password is already being sent to the hacker, patiently waiting on the Internet to use it and get into your account.

Keeping your Instagram chips safe is mostly a common sense issue, but phishers and hackers are constantly changing their method and developing new tricks to confuse and deceive gamblers. It is important to learn about safety so that you know what to expect and how to avoid it.Many customers who come online to find their account password no longer work and their partners claiming the account send them letters.

At the moment, many people put our personal information, pictures, information, addresses, etc. on Instagram, we would not allow criminals and cheaters in our house or read our mail, but all this information is available through our INSTAGRAM accounts – that’s simply taken,

There are a few simple tips that you can take to keep your social networking sites safe, and that means you can relax if you’re protected online.Use Strong Passwords – The password could also be a one-time failure activity for many users. Choosing easy-to-remember passwords and persistently using those passwords is nonsensical. Strong passwords often need to be changed to give the account more security.…

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